Bengal Kittens Currently Available


Updated 9/14/2015


Isis Kilimanjaro
          Isis (Queen)                             bred to                   Kilaminjaro (Sire)

 4 Silver Males available born 6-1-2015.  








To consider receiving a kitten from us,  please e-mail  or call us  (360) 435- 2679 Pacific Standard Time.   We must access the suitability of any potential new homes before allowing any of our kittens to leave our home.  Once you're satisfied with one of our kittens and we're satisfied it is the right choice for both you and the kitten,  we accept payment by either money orders or Visa, Master Card, Discover and  Paypal (click on the Paypal banner link below and you'll end up in our payment link).   Please mail  money orders to:

Deer Fern Farms,
27610 Whitman Rd.,
Arlington, WA. 98223


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We are a TICA Registered Cattery.         

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